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Hereby, according to the webinar on December 13, 2016 with Axxon Intellect Enterprise software and also according to your statement with email, I'm announcing my personal opinion.

In addition, I remind you, the following is only my opinion and your activity in the form of webinar was very valuable and has been excellent.

I hope, you and Forteza team, have taken a firm step with this note that we always support your equipment and knowledge.

1. The manner and timing of holding a webinar has been excellent, expect in the case where desktop image was cut during the webinar for a few second.

2. In the past years, when the monitoring softwares was not good, we used Axxon in Iran. With the new software production, Iranian employers are less inclined to Axxon  and because we only work with panasonic cameras as CCTV system (and also satel for integration between security systems with CCTV), the more desire, Forteza connect to Panasonic NVRs and its software. Like new software with VideoInsight name.

3. Sending automatic preset command to the network speed dome cameras through different protocols such as rtsp, HTTP and etc.. in the project is very valuable for perimeter protection. (this command should be provide and send to camera by main controlle)

Mehdi Adinepour
Managing Director


Skype: Anton_Forteza
Tél: +7 (967) 4450161