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1 Object

1.1 The microwave bistatic sensor FORTEZA-200 produced in 2015 by OOO Okhrannaya technika was tested.

2 Purpose

2.1 The tests are intended to confirm the parameter "maximum speed of the intruder's movement" of the sensor FORTEZA-200.

3 Conditions

3.1 The tests were performed on November 2016 outdoors. The sensor was installed on the site of the lenght 155 m and adjusted according to the User manual. The threshold values - 50%. We checked the alarm triggeringwhen a person and motorcyclist crossed the detection zone with a differentpath of travel.

4 Results

4.1 The check of the alarm triggering when a person crossed the site.
The sensor triggered an alarm when a person crossed the site with some different speed.
4.2 The check of the alarm triggering when a motorcyclist crossed the site.
When the motorcyclist crossed the site across the detection zone, the sensor triggered at the motorcyclist's speed up to 54 km/h. When the motorcyclist crossed the detection zone at the speed up to 40 km/h in different directions the sensor triggered. Higher speed was not tested.

5 Conclusions

5.1 The sensor FORTEZA-200 detect a running person and motorcyclist at the speed of 54 km/h at least.
5.2 The sensor FORTEZA-200 corresponds to the declared specifications of the intruder's speed movement.
5.3 The perfomances of the sensor FORTEZA-200 allows using it in the most important sites.




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