Features of Application and Configuration of the sensors FORTEZA

Accueil / Features of Application and Configuration of the sensors FORTEZA

18 OCT 2016

Webinar "Features of Application and Configuration of the sensors FORTEZA"


Plan of the Webinar:
1. Principal of operation and design features of the sensors FORTEZA.
2. Using of the sensors FORTEZA.
3. Computer configuration (USB and RS-485).
4. Wireless configuration using mobile devices (Bluetooth).

Webinar speaker:
Katerina Emelyanova – Customer Manager.
Questions section:
Alexander Phillipov – Software Designer.
Yury Sokolov – FORTEZA sensors Designer.

Link for the presented materials in the webinar

 Reports from the webinar guests

Thanks for your presentation and the information shared during the webinar it was very interesting and useful.
It was a very good idea to start presentation in English directly to save more time to question’s discussion, in my point of view there is no benefit to talk Russian language first then translate later as we don’t understand it.
For next webinar I suggest if it’s possible to introduce your alarming software how to install it and work with it, it’s very interesting to us and we would like to introduce it to many customers as it present a very strong point in your system, as you know when we talk about equipment for security we must talk also about a software managing it. I will be very thankful if you develop this point in a webinar.
One more thing, each partner should take note his questions during the presentation and ask it later after you finish the presentation. Because sometimes these questions will be answered or developed automatically in the presentation.

Fatiha Rochdi, Spectator Maroc

Webinar was excellent. I think that you should often have webinar.

Srdjan Radosevic, GLOBAL SECURITY

I benefitted from your webinar...It is very good.

Anwar Homsi, Khaber Electronics

I did already watch this.
It was most helpful. Some of our other staff will watch it too.

John Robinson, Infratherm


It was great webinar without any negative thing.
Thank you.

LeeHongRae, Dnet
South Korea

Thanks for the webinar, very well prepared and presentation very interesting.

Serge Guerrieri, EARTHCOM

I think that webinar was excellent and very useful.
Thank you for your insist to take a part of it.

Vlado Nikolovski, GLOBAL SECURITY

Yesterday webinar was helpful in showing the features and application of Forteza series. But still encountered audio (intermittent) problem during (2) cameras presentation. But reviewed the webinar again on YouTube yesterday from recap.

Alex S. Tiu, Techplus Systems

We thank you for your webinar, it was a good conference and a clear information about your product.




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