Line of FORTEZA products

Accueil / Line of FORTEZA products

23 MAR 2016

Webinar "Line of FORTEZA products"


Plan of the Webinar:
1. Line of products and principle of operation.
2. Variants of application of the main types of sensors.
3. Advantages.
4. Questions-answers.

Speakers of the Webinar:
Alexander Philippov – software designer.
Katerina Emelyanova – interpreter.

Link for the presented materials in the webinar

 Reports from the webinar guests

Excellente présentation cette fois-ci sur webinar Images et commentaires des questions posées en Anglais. J’attends les commentaires du technicien qui est concerné par le produit actuellement en déplacement.
Pour vous donner la suite des commentaires. Bravo!

Mr Mohamed Cherif Benh Amed, Urbafrique


The webinar was OK, we are now more interested in tehnical webinar,
please inform us when it will be.

Tomislav Ostoić, Teltronic d.o.o.


It was very good presentation thanks a lot for inviting me. you are very good.

Ms Fatiha Rochdi, Spectator Maroc


It was a good educational experience to be a part of the webinar. Thanks for the invite. I look forward to be in touch with Forteza in the future.

Mr. Ganesh R. Iyer, ComSec


I was useful presentation with good explanations.
I would just ask you to pay more attention later to how we for the some for specific environments choose appropriate detector.
Also we are often on the field we have a problem of how to remote locations where the detectors bring adequate power.
Are you using thick conductors, or you have some other ideas, because these are the DC voltages.

Vladimir Tomic, G4S


The webinar was very intresting to me. I have to learn a lot, about your products.

Pál Noviczki, Rendszertechnika Kft.


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