Test Report on the Quickly Deployable System FORTEZA-1000

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On June, 29, 2016 we received the test report from OOO Transneft-Dalny Vostok (Khabarovsk, Russia).

The test report is devoted to the functionality test of the Quickly Deployable Microwave System ФОРТЕЗА-12М (export name FORTEZA-1000) in the southern region of the territory of Khabarovsk, Russia.

The specialists of OOO Transneft-Dalny Vostok duly appreciated the advantages of the system:

- real mobility compactability of the system;

- easy installation;

- easy configuration and use;

- possibility to make broken perimeter lines and several separate protection sectors;

- long-time period of offline work of the system Tx and Rx;

- multi channel recharging device.

The test report also contains some observations and offers on the system operation. The engineers of OOO Okhrannaya technika gave detailed comments to all of them.



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