The results of the Webinar

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The Webinar on the line of TM Forteza products was held on March, 23, 2016.

The Webinar contained 3 sections. The guests got information on the factory OOO Okhrannaya technika, types, features and advantages of the sensors Forteza and ways of application.

During the Webinar the guests asked questions, the speakers answered in the online mode. The questions requiring detailed overview were discussed by the managers and engineers with the guests individually after the Webinar. Quite interesting questions showed us that the visitors were interested in Forteza equipment and were ready to use it for the perimeter protection of sites.

Thank you for your interest to our Webinar.

The following Webinar "Triboelectric sensor TRIBO-4" will be held on April, 20, 2016. Follow our news for more details on the meeting.


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