Wireless adjustment of the sensors marked Forteza

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The monostatic sensors FM and FM (24) families and the bistatic sensors FORTEZA family are used widely.

So, this equipment can be mounted on the top of fence, masts or elevation of the building, i.e. at the height or inaccessible places. In this case some service people have to get to the unit with the stairs or other means where the controls are located. One person imitates some passages, and other one adjusts the sensor.

To decide this problem, our specialists designed and implemented the wireless function via Bluetooth in the sensors FM, FM (24), MIR-M30 and FORTEZA. If you have any mobile phone based on OC Android with the set application, you can activate the communication channel Bluetooth in the sensor and use this function.

The main advantages of wireless adjustment:
   - Adjustment and control are performed remotely at the distance of 100 m;
   - Absence of additional cables for the adjustment;
   - One person can adjust and check the sensors operability;
   - Available software (free application in Google Play).

Please indicate the necessary options including the wireless adjustment when you send your requirements to our Country Managers.


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