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Multi Alarm ZRt. was established in the electronic security industry in 1991 and it has provided high quality service to its customers from the beginning. Today, with more than 50000 satisfied customers, it is the market leader company of Hungary.

Multi Alarm ZRt. has had cooperation with UAB “FORTEZA” since 2007. We have installed mainly the FMW microwave detectors within security systems with various operating distances. We usually apply these microwave detectors for replacement of existing infrared beam detectors or for newly installed outdoor systems, we use exclusively Forteza products.

According to our experiences, FMW microwave detectors are easy to install, and installed properly, they operate in a very reliable way. They work very well and without false alarms under various weather circumstances, e.g. strong snowfall, fog, froze.

The main applications have been security systems of outdoor transformer stations, builder/timber depots, warehouses, manufacturing plants and private houses.

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