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The detector is tested under various condition and distance in the Arab republic of Egypt.

The test is for the FMW-100 local microwave detector locatedin an open area as a simulation of protecting the fence of a residential compound in Cairo Egypt.

The detector is tested to protect various distances between 50 m and its maximum of 100 m, in a temperature of 25 degree centigrade and 60% humidity.

The detector is tested on its normal condition of intrusion attempts and bend over condition of an intruder and also testing the sensitivity for small animals and heavy trucks & mobile waves and Finlay any cables cutting.

The output of the device is tested by various devices alarms, horns, light etc... using different output voltage.

RESULT. The detector proves a great efficiency on the testing ground and nearly no false alarm and a great sensitivity to small animals and heavy trucks and mobile waves and final easy installation and adjusting process.


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