Vibration sensor TRIBO-4

Accueil / Vibration sensor TRIBO-4

20 APR 2016

Webinar "Vibration sensor TRIBO-4"


Plan of the Webinar:
1. About TRIBO-4.
2. Principle of operation and advantages of the sensor TRIBO-4.
3. Components of the sensor (SE and SPU).
4. Fields of application.
5. Software.
4. Questions-answers.

Speakers of the Webinar:
Mitrokhin Serguey – Deputy Director in Science and Research work.
Alexander Philippov – software designer.
Katerina Emelyanova – interpreter.

Link for the presented materials in the webinar

 Reports from the webinar guests

Firts of all I want to congratulate you in regard with the webinars.
High quality presentation. The answers were quick and appropriate.
Katerina is a very good English translator.
I will pass to my colleagues my notes and the presentation (after I receive it from you).

Liliana Gheorghiu, HELIOS SECURITY Ltd.


Honestly I found the Webinar in order and have no comment to its applicability and useful information we get from it that I can say it should be changed. It is good and I enjoy it very much.

Mr. Mikidadi M. Hamza, Techno Image


The webinar was very good. Please, continue with others technical webinars

Mr. Leonardo Sandoval Cascante, Atelcom
Costa Rica



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